Babapps develops DIY!

Our team is currently working for you on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform. In this article, we tell you what DIY is about, what are its advantages, but also its weaknesses.

What is DIY?

Do-It-Yourself is a trendy tendency, which consists in letting the customer build what he needs on his own: this can be applied for interior decoration, fashion, new technologies… It works on the assumption that if you want something done, it’s better if you do it yourself.
More and more every day, DIY is developing in the high tech sector. You are now able to create a whole website all alone, without any particular skills in design or in coding, thanks to DIY platform such as Wix. What we want to develop today is a platform that will enable you to create quickly and easily your own apps yourself.
However, don’t panic! If you don’t feel like an app designer, or if you prefer having a fully customized app turnkey delivered, you can always let us create your app for you.

How will be organized Babapps’ DIY platform?

To build your application, you will have to follow 5 steps:
1) Choose a name for your app
2) Attach the link of your website or your Facebook page (optional)
3) Add features and content to your app
4) Choose the design and colors of your app among a wide range of options
5) Finalize your app and publish in on the stores (Apple and Google).

What are the advantages of DIY?

DIY enables you to create a fully personalized app that matches exactly your expectations and what you were imagining, since you create it from A to Z. You can add features and content as you like, until the application pleases you. Besides, this solution is a lot more economical, since it only requires a yearly subscription. And finally, when the application is published, you can be proud to assert: “I did it on my own!”.

What are the weaknesses of DIY and how Babapps intends to solve these problems?

The main DIY weakness consists in the publication of the app on the stores, and especially on the Apple Store. Indeed, Apple imposes a lot of restrictions on publications, and justifies it by more or less clear reasons: insufficient content, unsophisticated design, incoherence between title and content… You will have to republish it, and sometimes to try several times, what requires patience and skills. What we want to offer, at Babapps, is an additional service that will help you publish your app on the Apple and Google stores. We commit to modify the application until the publication is accepted. If, for whatever reason, we can’t succeed in publishing your application after several attempts, we will refund you the total amount and will invite you to call on us for the creation of your app, as we are used to doing.
Another weakness of DIY is design. Indeed, everyone can create an app on his own, but only a few can make it look beautiful and attractive. It can happen that the application you just created don’t please you, or that you simply don’t find enough inspiration to build it. The Babapps team will be very happy to accompany you in the creation and publication of your app, outside our DIY platform.

Be ready, big changes are coming at Babapps!



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