The best way to promote your Business

Whether you own a business, are a part of a community or host an event, the mobile application is the best tool to help you improve your organization. Babapps offers you the possibility to innovate, to communicate and to make your management better thanks to a fully personalized mobile application.

The goal of businesses and association is to make their customers loyal. Build customer loyalty and boost your sales with your own mobile catalog, store, loyalty program and your choice of other features.

Manage and interact with your virtual or real community through your application thanks to contact features or push notifications.

Organize a corporate or private event thanks to your application. You’ll be able to know how many guests will come, give them precise information about the place and the date, and improve the whole management of the event.

Reward Your Customers. Reward Your Business.


Create and customize your own application thanks to our numerous design and color templates.


Publish your app on Google store and Apple store, and benefit from unlimited downloads.


Increase your customers’ loyalty and watch your business growing.

Babapps is a leader in mobile multi-activity applications.

Thanks to our many technological successes in recent years, our vision on the evolution of digital technology encourages us today to make our applications accessible to the greatest number.

Thanks to their experience capitalized in various fields, our team knows the expectations of the trades. This know-how enables us to deliver applications that are totally adapted to the needs of all our users

Because we are convinced of the credo “everyone’s job”, we believe that only an expert application provider can deliver quality mobile applications that combine technology and aesthetics.

Babapps, “Let us do the hard work for you!”

A modular solution for any business type



one app with 6 modules included

  • 6 modules from our extensive catalog
  • Fully customized to your identity
  • Published on Apple Store / Google Play,
  • Unlimited users,
  • Multilingual
  • Secure
  • Unlimited access from your smartphone, tablet or computer to access and manage your app(s)
  • Full service supported from our experts until the publishment of your app on the Stores
  • Designed by our team of expert designers

apps manager

  • Be free to update your application content whenever you want, this is the philosophy of our Apps Manager!
  • Thanks to our simple and user-friendly portal, you will have a permanent and secure access to the management of your application.
  • You will be able to:
  • View real-time statistics for your app,
  • Update your catalogs, images and all the contents of your modules
  • Pilot your direct communication with your audience.

We will share with you our
knowledge of app makers!